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·         Improper or incorrect installation and maintenance of this wheel product may not be safe and could lead to damage of the wheel(s) and/or vehicle and may cause accidents, personal injury or death.

·         Do not let any person service rims/wheels unless they are thoroughly trained and completely understand the safety requirements required to perform the task properly.

·         Aluminum Wheels MFG., Inc. will not accept any liability for the improper or incorrect installation and maintenance of our wheel products.


·         Pre-fit each wheel individually on the vehicle to verify:

o   1) That when the wheel is mated up to the brake mounting surface that the wheel mounting surface contact is flush with the mating component.

o   2) That when the loose wheel is mounted on the brake mounting surface there is no interference with the brake calipers, suspension components or any vehicle body parts when the wheel is rotated 360 degrees.

o   3) Insure that no component (tire/wheel/accessories) installed do not violate any local, state, or federal safety requirements.

o   4) It is vitally important to insure that all mounting studs will have sufficient thread engagement (at least one and a half times the stud diameter) to insure proper lug nut torque specifications are met. Inspect the studs before installing the wheel.  If corrosion is exhibited beyond reasonable repair, or the threads are stripped or fractured, then REPLACE the damaged studs.  DO NOT lubricate the threads.

o   5) Please insure that no clips, washers, etc. are on the mounting surface area prior to mounting the wheel.  This could lead to improper wheel lugnut torque and be unsafe for vehicle operation.

o   6) Verify the type of fastener required to be used.  Please inspect for wheel type (stud mounted, hub piloted, etc.) and select correct fastener per vehicle manufacture requirements.

o   For addition details please visit

·         All returns and Exchanges must be requested within 30 days from the purchase date.

·         All wheel product returns but be new unmounted and undamaged product with original shipping box.

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