About Us

Aluminum Wheels MFG Inc is a premier supplier of light and industrial grade aluminum wheels, specializing in cutting edge manufacturing technologies including aluminum extrusions and welding/forging of aluminum wheels. With operations in both North America, and Asia, our customer base is constantly expanding with an expectation for the highest-grade aluminum products available.

Originally part of Liaoning Zhongxiang Aluminum Company Ltd. based in Liaoyang, China, we have become independent as operations gradually expanded into North America in 2012. Aluminum Wheels MFG Inc was founded with the goal of providing quality products that meet consumer expectations in the fast-growing aluminum extrusion market.

Liaoning Zhongxiang Aluminum Company Ltd. was founded in 2012. Its facility covers an area of 2.8 million square feet, with a total investment of $286 million. We adopted the most state of the art and cutting-edge aluminum alloy forging technology and processing equipment from ALUX, Korea. The company has built six full scale production lines for manufacturing specially designed flange shaft heads and wheels for a wide range of trailers, trucks, and luxury buses. Zhongxiang is the only major manufacturer in China for liquid forging aluminum alloy wheels and accessories with the world's most advanced forging integration technology.

The company is located in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province Economic Development District with Benxi (City of Iron and Coal) to its east, Anshan (Capital of Iron and Steel) to its south, provincial capital Shenyang to its north, and Liaohe Oilfield to its west. It is surrounded by Port of Dalian, Port of Bayuquan, Taoxian International Airport and Shenyang Dalian Expressway. Zhongxiang enjoys superior geographical location and ease in transportation.

We integrated the most advanced and internationally recognized industrial research and development results into our technology and operation. Many of the technology used at Zhongxiang has earned patterns from many jurisdictions. Some of the advancements we made involve the areas of smelting, forging, machining, heat treatment, and related auxiliary processing and testing. The forged alloy flange shaft heads and wheels designed and developed by our research & development department are mainly utilized in trailers, trucks, high-end tourist buses, commercial vehicles, and specialty vehicles for national defense, fire, and public security. We are the worldwide leader in high performance and quality product with an annual capacity over 5 million units. Our products follow all stringent international standards. Zhongxiang not only satisfies domestic demands, but also exports via our worldwide marketing network to countries and regions including South Korea, Europe, and America.

Our liquid forging aluminum wheels offer better cooling, longer-lasting service life, and sleek design tailored to meet and exceed customers' expectation on safety, stability, comfort, and maneuverability. With the introduction of Zhongxiang's new products into the market, the lightweight progress in the transportation industry sector received a critical boost. "Energy Conservation" and "Go Green" is no longer a slogan but a reality. While the production cost is drastically reduced due to longer usable life for brakes and tires, the environmental impact is also minimized greatly. Our innovative products are client's best choice for utilizing lightweight technology ahead of other industrial peers.

The company actively implements holistic marketing concept by integrating "technology, production, and service" into one market service system. We provide our clients with a wide spectrum or lightweight programs that substantially reduce operating cost through our unparallel technology. Further, for end-users, we are able to provide them with the best solution for minimizing transportation cost and environmental impact at the same time. "Customer First" is always the back bone of Zhongxiang's service attitude.

Insisting on "technology, innovation, integrity, mutual benefit" is the corporate principle of Zhongxiang. It is the goal and belief firmly held by each and every employee of Zhongxiang. Utilizing world class advanced technology and providing customers with the highest quality energy efficient, environmental friendly products is the platform for all the innovation of Zhongxiang. Integrity and mutual benefit is the standard for Zhongxiang's team members to earn their reputation joint-handedly. Pursuing development and innovation is the eternal goal shared together by Zhongxiang and its customers.