Aluminum Alloy Wheel Hub, another name Aluminum Wheel, is the inner shape of the tire is used to support the barrel shape of the tire, center assembly on the shaft. The common wheels have steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels (aluminum wheels). The steel wheels have the high strength but the weight is heavy and has the single shape. It does not meet the current low carbon and fashion concept. The steel wheel is being replaced by the aluminum alloy wheels (aluminum wheels).

Advantages of aluminum alloy (aluminum wheels):

Aluminum wheels compared with steel wheels, the advantages of aluminum wheels are obvious, aluminum wheels density is smaller, about one-third of steel wheels. This means the same size of aluminum wheels will be two-thirds lighter than the steel wheels. There is about 10% reduction in the vehicle weight. The fuel efficiency can be increased by 6%-8%. Therefore, the promotion of aluminum wheels is of great significance for energy saving and low carbon lift.

Aluminum has the high thermal conductivity, steel has the low thermal conductivity. Therefore, in the same conditions, the heat dissipation performance of the aluminum alloy wheel hub (aluminum wheels) is better than the steel wheels.

The aluminum wheels are stylish and beautiful. Aluminum alloy ageing strengthening, low strength of aluminum alloy wheel blanks without over aging, easy to shape, and after the corrosion-resistant treatment and the coloring of the aluminum alloy wheels (aluminum wheels), the color of the aluminum wheels is diverse and exquisite.

Chemical Milling

Chemical milling is a dimensional etching process for metal removal. In working aluminum, it is the preferred method of removing less than 0.125 inch from large, intricate surfaces, such as integrally stiffened wing skins for high-performance.