Energy use always comes at a price – not just in dollars and cents, but in land use, air and water emissions, impact on wildlife and national security. We must consider the price we pay for energy’s considerable benefits. One of Aluminum Wheels’ goals is to transport carbon from flue gas for less than a 4 percent rise in energy’s cost.

Batteries that are more compact, move powerful and longer lasting promise to reduce the cost and increase the practicality of tomorrow’s hybrid-electric vehicles.

Hybrid-electronic vehicles currently on the market cost more than their gas-only counterparts. Plus, if gasoline prices are high, it would take years for consumers to recoup their extra investment. If you can replace the battery with one that does the same job-but is smaller, more lightweight and less expensive – you can get your return on investment much more quickly.
Temper designation system
Aluminum Wheels Temper designation system...
Typical uses of aluminum and its alloys
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