Advantages of Forged Aluminum Alloy Wheels

aluminum VS steel


Aluminum alloy forged wheels is half the weight of steel wheel hub. The thickness of rim wall is increased. Together with reduction in weight, forged wheel significantly improves load capacity and minimizes fuel consumption.

Fuel efficiency

After installation of forged aluminum alloy wheels, vehicle weight is substantially reduced. This results in the reduction of rotational momentum of the wheels, in turn, it improved vehicle acceleration performance and lessens the energy need for braking system. Adding the unique air flow feature of forged wheel, test results from 100 km perform tests show that an average of 2 to 2.5 liters of gas (diesel) saving per 100 km.

Reduced Tire Wear By 26%

Due to the nature of forged aluminum alloy wheels, it is perfectly balanced upon built and does not deform easily. Heat is quickly dispelled from the wheel (average normal operating temperature is 20-30 C degrees lower than steel wheels). Lower temperature also better protects suspension system. Better suspension system reduces wear and tear on tires, which extends usable life of a tire up to 50,000 to 80,000 kilometers.

Reduced Brake Maintenance Cost

The forged wheels dispel heat quickly and keep wheel temperatures low, maintaining optimal operating temperatures for the braking system. This leads to the extended lifespan of brake parts and reduces the overall maintenance cost of the brake system.

Extraordinary Load Carrying Capacity

Forged wheel's load bearing capacity is 5 times greater than that of an ordinary steel hub.

Improved Driver's Comfort Level

The wheels are forged from lightweight aluminum alloy, creating a nimble yet stable road performance and an overall more pleasurable driving experience.

Excellent Safety Performance

For a vehicle traveling at a high speed, intense heat from tire friction and braking system can cause tire explosion or malfunction of braking system. The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is three times that of steel or iron. Aluminum alloy wheels unique structural feature makes it easy to dispel heat generated by tire and vehicle chassis. Even in the case of high-speed driving for long duration or continuous downhill braking, aluminum alloy wheel can help the vehicle to maintain proper temperature. The tire and braking drum are able to operate at a temperature much lower than that of a steel hub, avoiding negative impact caused by high temperature.

Superior Impact Resistance Capability

A standard impact resistance capability test was performed by Forging Technology Center, the result proves that upon identical impact, the damage to a forged aluminum alloy wheel is much less than that of a steel hub.

Sleek Design

Aluminum alloy wheels allows a great deal of freedom in appearance design. It can be individually matched with a vehicle to give that vehicle and wheel a fully integrated appearance for perfection.