5-Year Limited Warranty for consumer use

Aluminum Wheels MFG Inc., warrants to the original purchaser and with respect only to the original installation that all wheel products manufactured by Zhongxiang Aluminum Co., Ltd for consumer use will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for five years from the date of purchase. This limited warranty applies only to warranted defects that are reported to Aluminum Wheels MFG Inc., and/or authorized distributors within the warranty period.  No warranty coverage is available without proof of purchase (invoice or sales receipt) including date of purchase. This limited warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential damage such as labor costs, transportation costs, storage, insurance charges, inconvenience, loss of time, travel time or any other economic loss, incidental or consequential damages.  Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long and implied warranty lasts, so some of the above limitations may not be applicable.  This limited warranty is not transferable from the original purchaser.

This limited warranty will not cover any of the following:

  1. Wheels have been mounted on the incorrect tire according to standards recommended by the Tire and Rim Association Inc.

  2. Wheels have been overloaded in excess of the published maximum load rating as set forth in the current Aluminum Wheels MFG Inc., literature.

  3. Wheels have been mounted on a tire with the inflation pressure exceeding the tire manufacturer’s maximum inflation pressure rating.  

  4. Wheels have been modified, repaired or improperly mounted using any adapters or spacers and/or which may result in hub studs or lug nuts having insufficient length for proper fastening of the wheel.

  5. Wheels have been subjected to excessive speeding and/or severe operating conditions.

  6. Wheels have been installed and improperly maintained including excessive rim flange wear, loose lug nut(s) and/or any wheel damage as a result.

  7. Wheels have been mounted with incorrect torque order and torque values.

  8. Wheels have been involved in any accidents and/or unusual or harsh working conditions such as road chemicals, climate conditions and wheels wash damage or other extreme product abuse conditions.

  9. Damage resulting from use of abrasive or corrosive cleaners, highly acidic solutions or inappropriate cleaning or polishing.


Aluminum Wheels MFG Inc.,reserves the right to inspect the wheels which claims are filed by the purchaser for this limited warranty, as well as any associated vehicles or maintenance records as necessary.
Only the above limited warranty, expressed or implied, are done by Aluminum Wheels MFG Inc.,and all other warranties expressed or implied including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, which extends beyond the limited warranty specified above are not applicable.   Aluminum Wheels MFG Inc.,reserves the right to change any warranty policy without notice.
For service under this warranty, it is suggested that a claim be made through the retail distributor from or through whom the product was purchased.      

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Aluminum Wheels MFG Inc.,(AWM) warrants the following products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, excluding finish, for a period of three (3) years from the date of manufacture.

Tubeless Steel Disc Wheels

Tubeless Steel Demountable Rims

Tube-Type Steel Disc Wheels

Tube-Type Steel Demountable Rims


This warranty will be void for any of the following reasons:

• If the product has been altered without the express written consent from AWM.

• If the product has been used with improper tire sizes, inflation pressures, or load ratings as expressed in our information.

• If the product has been damaged as a result of improper storage, faulty in delivering and maintaining, refitting, improper tightening procedures and washing, torqued in excess (or deficient) or that torque recommended by spoke wheel or hub manufacturer, or faulty engagement due to use of improper mounting components or procedures.

• If the product defects resulting from corrosion, other components: accident, driving in low pressure condition, impacted by external force, overloading, excessive speed or other abnormal or severe operating conditions.

• If the product has been used in a manner inconsistent with current standards and specifications established by the TRA.

• If the product has been used in a manner inconsistent with the specifications, instructions, and procedures contained in the current wheel and rim manual from the Wheel and Rim Association.

• If the product has been handled in a manner that violates the OSHA Regulation Section 1910:177; "Safe Operating Procedures" required by federal law.


This warranty is limited to the replacement of the proven defective item, and does not cover the cost of labor, damage to other components, loss of time, or repair work done by others. AWM reserves the right to inspect parts for which warranty claims are filed, and if necessary, associated vehicles and their maintenance records. Parts for which warranty claims are filed must, upon request, be returned to AWM, with transportation charges prepaid. *This warranty only applies in the US, Canada and Mexico


USA warranty contacts: ALUMINUM WHEELS MFG, INC.
TEL: (909) 947-1188/ E-mail: info@alu-wheels.com